Your SEO metrics should tell you two things.

  1. How your keywords are ranked within search engine results pages (SERPs).
  2. How these keywords perform when visitors land on your site.

In this blog post we outline five commonly used SEO metrics you’ll want to measure and analyse.

It’s important to emphasise that these should go hand in hand with other metrics.

Organic Search Traffic

The number of unique visitors arriving at your website directly from searches completed on search engines.

Branded vs. Non-branded Search Traffic

Organic search traffic can refer to either generic (non-branded) keywords or brand-related keywords.

Unique Search Terms

The search phrases visitors use to find your site via search engines (also known as long-tail keywords).

Inbound Links

The number of quality links pointing back to your website from other websites on the Internet.

Conversion Rates from Organic Search

The visitors who arrived at your website from an organic search and became a lead. This is key. Getting ranked for keywords is the first step but are these keywords converting visitors into leads?


What Next?

In addition to these SEO metrics you should also be analysing data for your other channels:  from blogs to social media, landing pages to leads, and calls-to-action to email marketing and more. In the next post we’ll look at how best to use these metrics as part of our series of Travel SEO tips.

Closed loop analytics  tools allows you to fully measure, analyse, and act on the performance of all the elements of an inbound marketing campaign. Once you understand which marketing channels are succeeding and which are in need of  help, you generate the most-qualified leads, the most customers, and provide the best return on investment.

If you need a hand on what metrics to monitor then download our ebook: How to Unlock the ROI of Your Marketing With Analytics.

Dominic Sawyer
Dominic founded Dot Tourism to fuel his passion for travel and all things digital. He's worked with organisations across the sector and leads the inbound marketing strategy for Dot Tourism and their clients. He lives in Brooklyn, New York and in his free time enjoys exploring the five boroughs with his wife.
Dominic Sawyer
Dominic Sawyer
Dominic Sawyer
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