It’s been an exciting week for us as we launched our site and focus as an inbound marketing specialist. Our first ebook to help understand analytics to improve ROI has been well received. We’ll be covering some of the key points in a blog post shortly.

We’re also close to finishing a second resource, a checklist on how to turn your website into an inbound marketing machine. Stay tuned!

In the meantime here are a selection of the links that we have enjoyed this week.

Vintage Airline Tags as prints

Love these! In the words of the creator, no logos, no advertising, just the information you need and they look great. Hat tip to Skift – I hear they are getting an order in for their office. I’m popping by their new digs next week and will see how they look in the flesh.

A scientific guide to writing great headlines on Twitter, Facebook and your Blog

Another fine post from masters of content creation at Buffer. Although I’m not convinced on the legitimacy of some A/B testing there are lots of great takeaways. Like the idea of testing blog post headlines first on Twitter. Or asking for RTs and downloads on Twitter.

The 2013 Google+ Marketing Guide

From a seemingly endless stream of social network guides here’s a decent one from a pro online marketer, Kissmetrics. In light of its recent changes now might be a good time to revisit the +? Good tips on building your content authority.

The 8 Secrets of Great Copywriting

Lots of goodies here. The last one – lead with the single most important in your headline. Don’t try cramming. This nicely leads onto…

This is a web page.

Lovely exposition of a powerful truth. How many website designs start with words? I expect that’s where many efforts fail. We try to hit the aesthetic notes, design or otherwise, before we really understand what we are trying to communicate. With any type of marketing you then have to plan your communications to readers that are in different stages of the buying process. And for travel that is can be lengthy! We’ve been doing a lot of work on buyer personas recently and expect a blog post soon.

That’s it for this week. I’m sure I’ve missed some great reads. Please do send them on.

If you haven’t already, download our Ebook about understanding analytics. We’d love to hear what you think!


Dominic Sawyer
Dominic founded Dot Tourism to fuel his passion for travel and all things digital. He's worked with organisations across the sector and leads the inbound marketing strategy for Dot Tourism and their clients. He lives in Brooklyn, New York and in his free time enjoys exploring the five boroughs with his wife.
Dominic Sawyer
Dominic Sawyer
Dominic Sawyer
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