We missed a few weeks of our digital travel marketing news. You may have noticed a new site design and this has kept us a little busy. You can expect to hear more about that in a blog post soon!

The upshot is that we have more to share with you. A lot happens online in three weeks! Twitter launches their ‘lead generation card’, SEOmoz has been rebranded as Moz and positions itself as inbound marketing software. We have curated lots of interesting content marketing articles including a great piece on building links to your blog. And a beautiful depiction of global flight paths.

Marketing: Analysing budget spend (Registration required)

Travel Trade Gazette cover key takeaways from a report by Spike Marketing. It’s good to see digital marketing budgets are likely to rise with 3/4 of respondents spending more on mobile, social and search. Let’s hope these are integrated – far too often we see travel companies raise the purchase lever on certain channels  without knowing the answer to the questions  - do we know which internet marketing channels most effectively convert visitors to customers? Or do we monitor the full customer lifecycle from first interaction to most recent conversion

Roy Barker from Spike highlighted a concern for spend too heavily weighted on acquisition over building loyalty. The acquisition process must include attracting your customers at the awareness stage, converting these to leads at various points of the travel purchasing process and nurturing them into customers. The efforts to build loyalty are often overlooked – and with the importance of the validation step in travel buying (where prospects check outside sources such as reviews or social networks) if you can delight your customers post travel not only does it build loyalty and repeat purchase it also helps your acquisition of new customers!

Mobile is almost as popular as desktop for travel research: report

As if you needed more encouragement to have a site that is optimised for different devices! Essentially half of consumers will research their travel on all of laptops, tablets and smartphones. This drops to 27% for smartphones when it comes to purchasing.

Capture user interest with the Lead Generation Card

Not yet released globally (only existing managed clients) expect it to be rolled out to all SMEs later in the year. Interestingly they do mention Priceline as one of the test brands.

Are You Targeting These Two Valuable Travel Segments?

Monetate look at how you can use data segments and trends to more effectively time and target their upsell and cross-sell messaging to the right visitors at the right time. This is great – travel marketing is all about making the purchasing process less painful and more relevant. You might not all have the business suitable for Monetate but the principle can be applied throughout – serve content to the right audiences in the right places at the right times.

How to Build Links to Your Blog – A Case Study

A fantastic, and in-depth look at link building and content strategy for a travel blog from the SEOmoz community. Lots of decent tips!

23 Awesome SEO Blogs Everyone Should Read

We are big fans of the HubSpot blog – they are masters of their content marketing trade. There were a bunch of blogs here that I was not aware of – highly recommend going through and bookmarking.

13 predictable user experience problems on travel websites

Chris Lake’s predictable pain points from his travel purchasing experience. Lots are easy to fix – others seemingly less important but it’s often also the little things that will lead to a traveller going elsewhere!

Top 10 Content Marketing Tips for Travel Agents

We’re all about inbound marketing so it’s preaching to the converted but ‘Ditch the Pitch’ is a great line :) And true! NewsCred has a very interesting proposition, powering content for many big brands, and in our space, the excellent Skift.

Global flight-path maps: Five interpretations

A bit of eye candy to finish. Aren’t these beautiful? An artist’s images depicting flight paths across the globe. Simple but tell a story snapshot instantly.

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