A little bit of self promotion before we move onto links this week. Adding to our growing resources, we’ve produced a guide to email marketing in travel. It’s a huge area, and one that is undervalued by most.

If only marketers spent some of the time they do manning their twitter, segmenting their email communications, we’d all be happier. Marketers and recipients included!

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Onto our favourite links this week.

What is content marketing? And who cares?

I really enjoy Jeremy Head’s blog, TravelBlather. His posts are thought provoking and generate a lot of comments. He’s a very good writer and his blog reflects on how good travel writing fits into the changing online world.

I like his definition of content marketing.

Content marketing is about applying the principles of marketing to the content you create. It’s a balancing act between two poles – you could call it Yin and Yang.

The post resulted from a travel event where executives of travel companies could not describe or comment on content marketing. I chimed in with a lengthy reply on how it requires a full content plan mapped across the buying cycle.  It also has to have engagement, lead nurturing, personalisation and integrated analytics. You can then accurately track the return on the investment.

What is content marketing to you? 

Interestingly, Jeremy’s posts usually receive many comments. This one did not. Perhaps it’s further reflection that those in the industry are stuck when it comes to content marketing!

An Evergreen Content Case Study

I love this post. One the biggest benefits of content marketing over traditional, or certain digital channels like PPC, is that you have the opportunity to put your content in front of an audience over a long period of time.

Effective communications is getting the right content to the right people at the right time. Content marketing is perfect for this. This is an in-depth case study of an evergreen content experiment and focusing on the benefits of putting effort into one page over multiple pieces of fresh content.

How Google is Killing Organic Search

This shows how organic is fading from search engine result pages and highlights how much real estate is being taken up by Google products. On mobile, the real estate for organic listings is often 0%.

63% of search starts on a phone. The Google march for domination continues.

10 hotel websites that autoplay sound to delight visitors

Tongue in cheek post from Econsultancy calling out hotel websites that play audio. Agree it makes for a  terrible user experience. Outside of hotels, do you know any travel & tourism sites that still delight their visitors with music?

That’s it for this week! Don’t forget to check out our latest ebook to improve the effectiveness of your email marketing.

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Dominic Sawyer
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